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Arthur La Burn

Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square (Novel) (Author)

Gordon Lachance

'The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan' (Story) (Author)
'Stud City' (Story) (Author)

Mercedes Lackey

Sacred Ground (Novel) (Author)

Steph Lady

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Film) (Co-writer)

John Lafia

Child's Play 2 (Film) (Director)
Man's Best Friend (Film) (Director)

Jimmy Laine

Pseudonym of Abel Ferrara

Alexander Laing

The Cadaver of Gideon Wyck (Novel) (Author)

Mary Lambert

Pet Sematary (Film) (Director)
Pet Sematary 2 (Film) (Director)

Martin Landau


Academy Award Nominations (1995): Best Supporting Actor
Academy Awards (1994): Best Supporting Actor

John Landis

An American Werewolf in London (Film) (Director)
Banana Monster (Film) (Director)
Innocent Blood (Film) (Director)
Thriller (Film) (Director)

Timeline entries

An American Werewolf in London

Tommaso Landolfi

The Labrenas (Novel) (Author)

Paul Landres

The Return of Dracula (Film) (Director)

Fritz Lang

Doktor Mabuse, der Spieler (Film) (Director)
Dr Mabuse (Film) (Director)
M (Film) (Director)
Metropolis (Film) (Director)
The Testament of Dr Mabuse (Film) (Director)

Timeline entries


John Lang

'The Ghost Upon the Rail' (Story) (Author)

Michael Lange

X-Files: Ascension (TV) (Director)
X-Files: Miracle Man (TV) (Director)
X-Files: Young at Heart (TV) (Director)

George Langelaan

'The Fly' (Story) (Author)

Heather Langenkamp


Chainsaw Awards (1995): Best Actress
Fangoria Hall of Fame: 1995

Joe R Lansdale

Act of Love (Novel) (Author)
Batman: Captured by the Engines (Novel) (Author)
Batman: Terror on the High Skies (Novel) (Author)
Bestsellers Guaranteed (Collection) (Author)
'Bubba Ho-Tep' (Story) (Author)
By Bizarre Hands (Collection) (Author)
'Chompers' (Story) (Author)
Cold in July (Novel) (Author)
Dead in the West (Novel) (Author)
Drive-In 2 (Novel) (Author)
The Drive-In (Novel) (Author)
Electric Gumbo (Collection) (Author)
'Events Concerning a Nude Fold-Out Found in a Harlequin Romance' (Story) (Author)
'The Fat Man' (Story) (Author)
A Fistfull of Stories (Collection) (Author)
'God of the Razor' (Story) (Author)
Hanoi Deathgrip (Novel) (Author (Real))
Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such (Comic) (Writer)
Jonah Hex: Two Gun Mojo (Comic) (Writer)
The Magic Wagon (Novel) (Author)
Molly's Sexual Follies (Novel) (Author (Real))
Mountain Massacre (Novel) (Author (Real))
Mr Weed Eater (Novel) (Author)
Mucho Mojo (Novel) (Author)
'My Dead Dog, Bobby' (Story) (Author)
'The Night They Missed the Horror Show' (Story) (Author)
Night Visions 8 (Anthology) (Co-author)
(With John Farris and Stephen Gallagher)
The Nightrunners (Novel) (Author)
Nukes (Anthology) (Co-author)
(With John Maclay and Jerry N Williamson)
'On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folk' (Story) (Author)
Razored Saddles (Anthology) (Editor)
(With Pat LoBrutto)
Saigon Slaughter (Novel) (Author (Real))
Savage Season (Novel) (Author)
'Steppin' Out, Summer, '68' (Story) (Author)
Tarzan: The Lost Adventure (Novel) (Author (Completed))
(With Edgar Rice Burroughs)
Texas Night Riders (Novel) (Author (Real))
'Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man's Back' (Story) (Author)
The Two Bear Mambo (Novel) (Author)
Weird Business (Comic) (Co-editor)
(With Richard Klaws)
Writer of the Purple Rage (Collection) (Author)

Timeline entries

Nineteen Nineties

M Dean Bayer (Pseudonym of)
Jack Buchanan (Pseudonym of)
Richard Dale (Pseudonym of)
Jonathan Harker (Pseudonym of)
Mark Simmons (Pseudonym of)

Paco Lara

The Monk (Film) (Director)

Timeline entries

Matthew Lewis

Sheldon Larry

Quiet Killer (Film) (Director)

Steve Latshaw

Biohazard: Alien Force (Film) (Director)

Claudio Lattanzi

Claude Milliken (Pseudonym of)

Fabrizio Laurenti

The Crawlers (Film) (Director (Real))
Ghosthouse 2 (Film) (Director (Real))

Martin Newlin (Pseudonym of)

Arnold Laven

Monster that Challenged the World (Film) (Director)
The Monster that Changer the World (Film) (Director)

Quentin Lawrence

Cash on Demand (Film) (Director)
The Man Who Finally Died (Film) (Director)
The Trollenberg Terror (Film) (Director)

Ray Lawrence

Bliss (Film) (Director)

Richard Laymon

Blood Games (2) (Novel) (Author)
The Cellar (Novel) (Author)
Dark Mountain (Novel) (Author)
Dark Mountains (Novel) (Author)
Darkness, Tell Us (Novel) (Author)
'Desert Pickup' (Story) (Author)
Flesh (Novel) (Author)
Funland (Novel) (Author)
In the Dark (Novel) (Author)
'Mess Hall' (Story) (Author)
Resurrection Dreams (Novel) (Author)
The Stake (Novel) (Author)
Tread Softly (Novel) (Author (Real))

Richard Kelly (Pseudonym of)

John A Lazer

Pseudonym of Jesus Franco

Reginald Le Borg

The Black Sleep (Film) (Director)
House of the Black Death (Film) (Co-director)
(With Harold Daniels)
Mummy's Ghost (Film) (Director)
Voodoo Island (Film) (Director)

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

'Carmilla' (Story) (Author)
'House in the Churchyard' (Story) (Author)
'Mr Justice Harbottle' (Story) (Author)
'Schalken the Painter' (Story) (Author)
Through a Glass Darkly (Collection) (Author)
Uncle Silas: A Tale of Bertram-Haugh (Book) (Author)

Timeline entries

Sheridan Le Fanu

Ursula Le Guin

Language of the Night (Book) (Author)
Tehanu (Novel) (Author)


World Fantasy Awards (1995): Life Achievement

Mervyn Le Roy

The Bad Seed (Film) (Director)

Anton M Leader

Children of the Damned (Film) (Director)

Brandon Lee


Chainsaw Awards (1995): Best Actor

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee autobiography (Book) (Author)

Timeline entries



Bram Stoker Awards (1995): Life achievement

Damian Lee

Food of the Gods 2 (Film) (Director)

Edward Lee

'Almost Never' (Story) (Author)
Chosen (Book) (Author)
Coven (Novel) (Author)
Creekers (Novel) (Author)
Header (Novel) (Author)
'The Wrong Guy' (Story) (Author)

Killough Lee

Blood Hunt (Novel) (Author)
Blood Links (Novel) (Author)

Rowland V Lee

Son of Frankenstein (Film) (Director)

Tanith Lee

The Birthgrave (Novel) (Author)
The Black Unicorn (Novel) (Author)
The Blood of Roses (Novel) (Author)
The Book of the Beast (Novel) (Author)
The Book of the Damned (Novel) (Author)
The Book of the Dead (Novel) (Author)
The Book of the Mad (Novel) (Author)
The Castle of Dark (Novel) (Author)
Dark Dance (Novel) (Author)
Darkness, I (Novel) (Author)
Elephantasm (Novel) (Author)
Eva Fairdeath (Novel) (Author)
The Gold Unicorn (Novel) (Author)
Heart Beast (Book) (Author)
Kill the Dead (Novel) (Author)
Louisa the Publisher (Novel) (Author)
Lycanthia, or the Children of Wolves (Novel) (Author)
Nightshades (Collection) (Author)
A Personal Darkness (Novel) (Author)
Prince on a White Horse (Novel) (Author)
Reigning Cats and Dogs (Novel) (Author)
Sabella, or The Bloodstone (Novel) (Author)
'Three Days' (Story) (Author)
Vazkor, son of Vazkor (Novel) (Author)
Vivia (Novel) (Author)
Women as Demons (Collection) (Author)

Timeline entries

Nineteen Nineties

John Leekley

Kindred - the Embraced (TV series) (Creator)

Michael Lehmann

Heathers (Film) (Director)
Hudson Hawk (Film) (Director)
Meet the Applegates (Film) (Director)

Fritz Leiber

'Belsen Express' (Story) (Author)
Conjure Wife (Novel) (Author)
'The Girl with the Hungry Eyes' (Story) (Author)
Our Lady of Darkness (Novel) (Author)
'The Phantom Slayer' (Story) (Author)
'Smoke Ghost' (Story) (Author)
'The Warlock' (Story) (Author)


Bram Stoker Awards (1988): Life Achievement
World Fantasy Awards (1976): Life Achievement

Mike Leigh

Naked (Film) (Director)

Timeline entries

Nineteen Nineties

James Lemmo

Relentless 3 (Film) (Director)

Rusty Lemorande

The Turn of the Screw (Film) (Director)

Umberto Lenzi

Cannibal Ferox (Film) (Director)
City of the Walking Dead (Film) (Director)
Deep River Savages (Film) (Director)
Eaten Alive (Film) (Director)
Ghosthouse (Film) (Director (Real))

Timeline entries

Cannibal Movies
Video Nasties case

Humphrey Humbert (Pseudonym of)

Brett Leonard

The Dead Pit (Film) (Director)
Hideaway (Film) (Director)
Lawnmower Man (Film) (Director)
Virtuosity (Film) (Director)

Gaston Leroux

Le Fantome de l'Opera (Novel) (Author)

Mark L Lester

Class of 1984 (Film) (Director)
Class of 1999 (Film) (Director)
Firestarter (Film) (Director)
Showdown in Little Tokyo (Film) (Director)

Ira Levin

Rosemary's Baby (Novel) (Author)
The Stepford Wives (Novel) (Author)

Timeline entries

Rosemary's Baby
Nineteen Seventies Novels

Michael Levine

Forever Knight: Dance By the Light of the Moon (TV) (Director)
Forever Knight: Hunters (TV) (Director)
Forever Knight: Love You To Death (TV) (Director)
Forever Knight: Only the Lonely (TV) (Director)
Forever Knight: To Die For/If Looks Could Kill (TV) (Director)

Albert Lewin

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Film) (Director)

Christopher Lewis

Blood Cult (Film) (Director)
The Revenge (Film) (Director)
The Ripper (Film) (Director)

Herschell Gordon Lewis

2000 Maniacs (Film) (Director)
Blood Feast (Film) (Director)
Color Me Blood Red (Film) (Director)
Gore Feast (Film) (Director)
The Gore Gore Girls (Film) (Director)
The Gruesome Twosome (Film) (Director)
Moonshine Mountain (Film) (Director)
She-Devils on Wheels (Film) (Director)
A Taste of Blood (Film) (Director)
This Stuff'll Kill Ya (Film) (Director)
Wizard of Gore (Film) (Director, Producer)

Sheldon Seymour (Pseudonym of)

Matthew Gregory Lewis

The Castle Spectre (Play) (Writer)
The Monk (Novel) (Author)

Timeline entries

Eighteenth Century Theatre
Ann Radcliffe
Matthew Lewis

Tomi Lewis


International Horror Critics Awards (1996): Special award

Val Lewton

Bedlam (Film) (Producer, Co-writer (real))
The Body Snatcher (Film) (Producer, Co-writer (Real))
Cat People (Film) (Producer)
The Curse of the Cat People (Film) (Producer)
The Ghost Ship (Film) (Producer)
I Walked with A Zombie (Film) (Producer)
Isle of the Dead (Film) (Producer)
The Leopard Man (Film) (Producer)
The Seventh Victim (Film) (Producer)

Timeline entries

Val Lewton

Carlos Keith (Pseudonym of)

Thomas Ligotti

'Alice's Last Adventure' (Story) (Author)
Grinscribe (Novel) (Author)
'The Last Feast of Harlequin' (Story) (Author)
The Nightmare Factory (Collection) (Author)
Noctuary (Novel) (Author)
'The Shadow at the Bottom of the World' (Story) (Author)
Songs of a Dead Dreamer (Book) (Author)
'The Tsalal' (Story) (Author)

Sal Lima

Zxenith (Comic) (Writer)
(With Rusty)

Kevin J Lindenmuth

Addicted to Murder (Film) (Director)
Vampires and Other Stereotypes (Film) (Director)

David Lindsay

Mercy (Book) (Author)
A Voyage to Arcturus (Novel) (Author)

Ron Link

Zombie High (Film) (Director)

Bently Little

'The Mailman' (Story) (Author)
The Revelation (Novel) (Author)
The Summoning (Novel) (Author)

Dwight H Little

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (Film) (Director)
The Phantom of the Opera (Film) (Director)
Rapid Fire (Film) (Director)

Luis Llosa

Watchers 3 (Film) (Director)

David Lloyd

Hellblazer: Early Warning, How I Came to Love the Bomb (Comic) (Artist)
(With Grant Morrison)
Hellblazer: This is the Diary of Danny Drake (Comic) (Artist)
(With Garth Ennis)
The Horrorist (Comic) (Arist)
(With Jamie Delano)
V For Vendetta (Comic) (Artist)
(With Alan Moore)

Timeline entries

British Comics in the US

Edward Lloyd

Timeline entries

Penny Bloods

Pat LoBrutto

Razored Saddles (Anthology) (Editor)
(With Joe R Lansdale)


World Fantasy Awards (1986): Special Award Pro

Vince Locke

Sandman: Brief Lives (Comic) (Co-artist)
(With Neil Gaiman and Jill Thompson)
Sandman: The Hunt (Comic) (Co-artist)
(With Duncan Eagleson and Neil Gaiman)
Sandman: The Parliment of Rooks (Comic) (Co-author)
(With Neil Gaiman and Jill Thompson)

Lazlo Loewenstein

Real name of Peter Lorre

Herbert Lom

Herbert Schluderpacheru (Real name of)

Ulli Lommel

The Boogey Man (Film) (Director)
Boogeyman 2 (Film) (Co-writer, actor)
The Boogeyman (Film) (Director)

Frank Belknap Long

'Dr Whitlock's Price' (Story) (Author)
Dreamer on the Nightside (Book) (Author)
Felis (Prose Poem) (Author)
The Goblin Tower (Collection) (Author)
Horror From the Hills (Novella) (Author)
The Houndsd of Tindalos (Collection) (Author)
In Mayan Splendor (Collection) (Author)
A Man from Genoa (Collection) (Author)
The Rim of the Unknown (Collection) (Author)


Bram Stoker Awards (1988): Life Achievement

Raymond Longford

Fisher's Ghost (Film) (Director)

Harry Longstreet

X-Files: Squeeze (TV) (Director)

Emma Lorant

Lullaby of Fear (Novel) (Author)

Glenn Lord


World Fantasy Awards (1978): Convention Award

Dean Lorey

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (Film) (Writer)
My Boyfriend's Back (Film) (Writer)

Peter Lorre

The Lost One (Film) (Director)

Timeline entries


Lazlo Loewenstein (Real name of)

Joseph Losey

The Damned (Film) (Director)
M (Film) (Director)
Time Without Pity (Film) (Director)

Timeline entries


Larry Louis

Body Puzzle (Film) (Director (Pseudonym))

Pseudonym of Lamberto Bava

Eugene Lourie

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (Film) (Director)
Gorgo (GIlm) (Director)

Eric Louzil

Class of Nuke 'Em High 2: Subhumanoid Meltdown (Film) (Director)
Class of Nuke 'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid (Film) (Director)
Fortress of Amerikkka (Film) (Director)

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

'The Alchemist' (Story) (Author)
'Arthur Jermyn' (Story) (Author)
'At the Mountains of Madness' (Story) (Author)
At the Mountains of Madness and Other Tales of Terror (Collection) (Author)
'The Beast in the Cave' (Story) (Author)
'Beyond the Walls of Sleep' (Story) (Author)
'The Call of Cthulhu' (Story) (Author)
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Novella) (Author)
'The Color Out of Space' (Story) (Author)
The Colour Out of Space and Others (Collection) (Author)
'The Colour out of Space' (Story) (Author)
'Cool Air' (Story) (Author)
Cry Horror! (Book) (Author)
Dagon (Collection) (Author)
'Dagon' (Story) (Author)
'Dreams in the Witch House' (Story) (Author)
Dreams of Terror and Death (Colection) (Author)
'The Dunwich Horror' (Story) (Author)
'The Evil Clergyman' (Story) (Author)
The Familiars (Poem) (Author)
'The Festival' (Story) (Author)
'From Beyond' (Story) (Author)
The H P Lovecraft Dream Book (Anthology) (Author)
(With S T Joshi and Will Murray and David Schultz)
The Haunter of the Dark (Collection) (Author)
'The Haunter of the Dark' (Story) (Author)
'He' (Story) (Author)
'Herbert West - Reanimator' (Story) (Author)
'The Horror at Red Hook' (Story) (Author)
'The Hound' (Story) (Author)
'Imprisoned with the Pharaohs' (Story) (Author)
'In The Vault' (Story) (Author)
'In the Walls of Eryx' (Story) (Author)
The Lurker at the Threshold (Collection) (Author)
(With August Derleth)
The Lurking Fear and Other Stories (Collection) (Author)
'The Lurking Fear' (Story) (Author)
'The Moon-Bog' (Story) (Author)
'The Music of Erich Zann' (Story) (Author)
'The Nameless City' (Story) (Author)
Night Ocean (Collection) (Author)
(With Robert H Barlow)
The Outsider and Others (Collection) (Author)
'The Outsider' (Story) (Author)
'Pickman's Model' (Story) (Author)
'The Picture in the House' (Story) (Author)
The Pigeon Flyers (Poem) (Author)
'Poetry and the Gods' (Story) (Author)
'The Rats in the Walls' (Story) (Author)
'The Shadow Out of Time' (Story) (Author)
'The Shadow Over Innsmouth' (Story) (Author)
'The Shunned House' (Story) (Author)
'The Statement of Randolph Carter' (Story) (Author)
The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Novel) (Author)
'The Strange High House in the Mist' (Story) (Author)
'The Street' (Story) (Author)
Supernatural Horror in Literature (Essay) (Author)
'The Temple' (Story) (Author)
'The Terrible Old Man' (Story) (Author)
'The Thing on the Doorstep' (Story) (Author)
The Tomb and Other Tales (Collection) (Author)
'The Tomb' (Story) (Author)
'The Transition of Juan Romero' (Story) (Author)
Under the Pyramids (Collection) (Author)
'The Unnamable' (Story) (Author)
'The Whisperer in the Darkness' (Story) (Author)
'The White Ship' (Story) (Author)

Timeline entries

Robert W Chambers
HP Lovecraft
The Call of Cthulhu

Linda Lovecraft

Pseudonym of Michael Parry

Delos W Lovelace

King Kong (Novel) (Author)

Belloc Lowndes

The Lodger (Novel) (Author)

Timeline entries

Jack the Ripper adaptation

George Lucas

The Empire Strikes Back (Film) (Executive Producer, Story)
Star Wars (Film) (Director)
THX 1138 (Film) (Director)

Bela Lugosi

Timeline entries

Bela Lugosi as Dracula

Bela Blasko (Real name of)

Baz Luhrmann

Romeo and Juliet (Film) (Director)

Thomas Luke

The Heirloom (Novel) (Author (Pseudonym))
The Hell Candidate (Novel) (Author (Pseudonym))
Phobia (Novel) (Author (Pseudonym))

Pseudonym of Graham Masterton

Brian Lumley

'The Disapproval of Jeremy Cleave' (Story) (Author)
'Grotesques Before Nine' (Story) (Author)
Hero of Dreams (Book) (Author)
Mad Moon of Dreams (Book) (Author)
'Necros' (Story) (Author)
Necroscope (Novel) (Author)
Necroscope 3: The Source (Novel) (Author)
Necroscope 4: Deadspeak (Novel) (Author)
Necroscope 5: Deadspawn (Novel) (Author)
Necroscope V: Deadspawn (Novel) (Author)
Necroscope: The Lost Years (Novel) (Author)
The Second Wish, and Other Exhalations (Collection) (Author)
Ship of Dreams (Book) (Author)
The Transition of Titus Crow (Novel) (Author)
'Uzzi' (Story) (Author)
Vampire World I: Blood Brothers (Collection) (Author)

William Lustig

Maniac (Film) (Director)
Maniac Cop (Film) (Director)
Maniac Cop 2 (Film) (Director)
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (Film) (Director)
Relentless (Film) (Director)
Uncle Sam (Film) (Director)

David Lynch

Blue Velvet (Film) (Director, Writer)
Dune (Film) (Director)
The Elephant Man (Film) (Director)
Eraserhead (Film) (Director, writer, producer)
The Grandmother (Film) (Director)
Industrial Symphony no 1 (Video) (Director)
One Tiny Saliva Bubble (Film) (Director)
Twin Peaks (TV series) (Creator, Writer, Director)
(With Mark Frost)
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Film) (Director)
Wild at Heart (Film) (Director)

Timeline entries

Young Frankenstein
David Lynch

Paul Lynch

Humongous (Film) (Director)
Prom Night (Film) (Director)

Adrian Lyne

Jacob's Ladder (Film) (Director)

Elizabeth A Lynn

Watchtower (Novel) (Author)


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